What is Modum (MOD)?

This post deals with the brand new token called Modum, which seeks to integrate blockchain with the internet of things. Modum targets pharmaceutical industry, where the measuring of temperature, humidity, movement and such are of utmost importance.

I explain the fundamentals of the coin and give my opinion on it.

What is Modum?


Company called modum.io AG has a plan. The plan is to measure the environment within pharmaceutical containers during transit to make sure that they don’t get overheated, shaken, stirred, or any such nonsense added to the mix. Therefore we all can have our vaccinations, cough syrup, and such safely. In the process they can grow into an industry giant and make massive profits. I like everything about that plan.

Their supply chain solution is designed for pharma industry, almost completely automated, fully wireless, easily integrable to existing systems, high precision of data integrity, security, and other tech sexy adjectives. The shipments do not need to be opened for them to be checkable with modum’s solution. All the potential customer needs to do is to download modum’s app and check the shipment’s condition from there. Obviously  a dashboard is available too. The solution is cheap and ready for mass use.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine a more thrilling script for a movie than the one pictured above

They have ran at least two successful pilots and the team has won competitions. A working prototype is ready and out. The actual sensor is coming out in Q1/2018 (I expect my lambo to arrive around the same time, incidentally.) The team looks good, professionals in their own fields with suitable experience. No red flags there.

Modum is an Ethereum ERC20 token that is meant to give voting rights and later to act as a “share” for which dividends are paid.

Quoting from the white paper:

"With the publishing of the annual report modum.io can claim whether or
not the present milestone was achieved. With the publishing of the report
the start date of the voting period is set. The voting period lasts for two
weeks. Every MOD token in circulation has one vote. Locked tokens cannot
vote. The default vote is void. The quorum is defined by the number
of executed votes within the predefined timeline. A simple majority is
needed to decide if the milestone was met. If the milestone was met, the
defined number of tokens are released to the modum.io wallet.

The board of modum.io decides and declares the amount of dividends
when there is a profit. A payment equivalent to this amount is converted
to Ether and sent to the modum smart contract. The modum smart
contract evaluates the current holdings and distributes the profits to the
token holders in Ether. The voting and profit share smart contract is open

Modum has been in the press, notably in Nasdaq following their 1st place win at a startup accelerator. Other appearances are easily found with simple googling, which I challenge you to do as you conduct your more in-depth research.

Ace in the sleeve for Modum is the fact that such monitoring is necessitated inside EU by The Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human
use (2013/C 343/01). The requirements are indeed binding, so expect a surge in that industry within EU. Modum seems to be well placed in that regard. Compliance for veterinary products is not required, at least yet, but is recommended.

One other thing I really like about Modum is that it works with several different blockchain technologies, it is future proof in that sense.

In order to raise some capital, they held an ICO a while back. modum.io AG successfully completed their ICO with 81% sold and has just started trading in Etherdelta.


Cash money principles aka should I order my Lambo now or later?

Again full disclosure: I participated in the ICO and even followed my own advice found here  (which is uncharacteristic of me, I usually just tell others what to do). During the ICO, 1 MOD was valued at 1 usd, payable in bitcoin, ether, or iota.

At the time of writing one MOD is trading at around $1.4 (0.0043 ETH). However, the trading began at less than half of that (at around 0.002 ETH) on 22 October 2017. It has seen 0.006 too. Incredible volatility, but not unheard of during the first days in the exchange for a promising ICO. The rapid first day gains of hundreds of percents are understandable, and unsustainable. It is only slightly above ICO price now.

One of the biggest smash hits of Q4/2017 so far has been Walton (WTC). WTC is in the same field as MOD, however they are geographically targeting, at least in the beginning, different areas, as well as different sectors of the supply chain industry. The idea of combining blockchain with IoT seems to have lots of interest. One hindrance for WTC in the early parts of the trading was lack of dedicated communication from the team. Modum does not have that kind of language and cultural barrier between them and the English-speaking cryptosphere.

WTC rewards its token holders (later coin holders) who have enough to register as masternodes, if you have 5000 you get paid. MOD rewards token holders with both dividends (paid in that sweet, sweet ETH) as well as voting rights. The latter is valued in cryptoeconomics. Dividends are scheduled to be paid at the earliest in 2018, but no guarantees. No refunds, folks!


relative position
Table for ants. See any familiar bad boys in there? Below MOD? Notice the difference in market cap. Snapshot taken 25 October 2017

MOD is ranked at 136 by market cap, rank 60 by 24 h volume (yes, I counted the rows myself). With 3 days of trading and a single exchange! This discrepancy is a sign of extreme interest. It is traded more than the staples like Komodo, Golem, NAV coin, Bancor, Steem, 0x, Ardor, TRON and many others in the top 100.

Market cap of 22 million usd leaves lots of room for easy growth. This is a product of both reasonably targeted ICO (again a sign to trust the team) as well low circulating supply of 17 million tokens.

The team seems to have everything together. Exceptionally lucrative field with binding regulation, working product, already funded, solid team, everything. If this thing doesn’t bring you at least 200% gains by the end of the year… I was wrong with my trust in it. No refunds!


Modum’s smart contract address

Since this seems to be basically under the rock. You won’t find it without some extreme google-fu.

mod token address
Just type “modtoken.eth” to the address field, or copypaste the info below manually
Address: 0x957c30aB0426e0C93CD8241E2c60392d08c6aC8e
Token Symbol: MOD
Decimals: 0

Author: Chad Satoshi

I am a crypto assets / currency writer and an independent researcher. I post on my blog portal about all things crypto, as well as personal well-being and development. What you will get by reading my blog is top crypto thoughts and, should you so choose, a new life as a crypto Chad.

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