Chadchain Block 1: Mastering your mind through physical exertion

Why should you take care of your body through exercise?

A true Crypto Chad is never idle, but is constantly keeping his eye on all things crypto related and finding innovative ways of creating passive income. It takes persistent, habitual effort to preserve and grow the value of your portfolio. A defining characteristic of a Chad is to similarly strive for perfection in all walks of life. Just like investing in the stock market or in cryptocurrencies will hopefully teach you discipline, rationality and the required determination to stay true to your plans, so will aspiring towards physical strength and health. Physical pursuits that develop the manly attributes necessary for a cold headed cryptonaire are a prerequisite if you wish to become the ultimate Crypto Chad. In this post, I will discuss the benefits of these pursuits.


Though you may think that you’ll be able to continue eating cheetos and drinking red bull hunched over your computer desk from here to eternity, the sad truth is that you won’t last that long. Your physique was never intended for a merely sedentary lifestyle. The indigestion, back pain, headaches, brain fog and other ailments that you most likely suffer from to an extent are only going to get worse with time. The chances are that you are more familiar with these issues than you are with being mentally and physically comfortable in your own body. Frankly, you can never achieve the clarity of mind required from a whale without engaging in at least some form of physical activity weekly, preferably daily. The sluggishness and weakness of your body will spread like a virus to your brain and interfere with all of your mental efforts.

As you start exercising, you will immediately notice the upgrade in your mental faculties and overall well being. With time and a proper routine your previous ailments will affect you less and less and at some point completely fade away. As vigorous exercise, especially resistance training, raises your testosterone levels, you will notice an increase in libido, motivation and vigor. Higher testosterone levels will also protect you from the tidal waves of emotions that come with wild market swings. The overall effect being less anxiety, more great decision making and accumulation of capital.



The pursuit of strength and physique will not only demonstrate your capacity to greatness, but will also elevate it to higher levels. Pushing yourself to your limits in the weight room, beating your opponents in a ring or conquering the highest mountains give you concrete evidence that nothing good comes without a certain amount of pain and effort. The obstacles, plateaus and setbacks will teach you humility, resilience, and self-control. Exercising is the best way truly ingrain these values that will exalt your character to that of a Crypto Chad. In the middle of a slow, deep, excruciating max squat you will face your inner demons. You will learn the limits of your willpower and you will break them. Having conquered such obstacles, you will develop an aura of confidence around you. That aura will draw people in. They will admire you, respect you and let you lead them. They will look up to you when danger threatens. Without a strong body, you will not be able to develop your character to its highest potential. None of this will seem real to you until that moment when you experience it yourself.

Physical strength enables you to live a complete life of excellence and fulfillment. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, being strong is practical. Though we mostly rely on tools and technological advancements in our everyday lives, there often comes a situation where physical strength comes in handy. Perhaps you need to open a jar, move furniture or push start a car. You may even want to pull someone out of a crashed vehicle or make your way out of a house in flames.

Sexual market value

Most men today are weak, both in their spirit and in their bodily attributes. It is now easier than ever to distinguish oneself as superior, a cut above the rest. If you have the determination to pursue the riches available to those who have the will to take it, you have a great headstart to most of your competitors. If you truly are a great chap with the will to move mountains, your looks should reflect that. Do they?

It is true that men are no flowers and their sexual market value does not linearly correlate with their looks to the extent as it does for women. However, women can get a pretty good sense of your persistence simply by judging your figure. Wide shoulders and good posture are a sign of a leader, of great genes, high testosterone levels, and the capacity to overcome obstacles. Women want someone that can provide for them. Someone that has the will and the power to battle for resources and protect them against a world full of savages. 

Brains, brawn and spirit all go hand in hand. Striving towards physical perfection forges you into an unstoppable force of nature with the courage and resolve to conquer all walks of life. And really, is it a rational choice to stay weak and meek? Compared to the very real and achievable option of becoming strong and, if not commanding, then at least in command of your inner world? It is at some baseline level a matter of choice.


Author: Chad Samson

I am an independent researcher / writer. I intend to write mostly on the topic of improving yourself and fulfilling your potential.

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