First year in recap + Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for everyone! This post deals with some statistics of the portal and a recap of trade suggestions and calls, hits and misses.

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Even more government intrusion into our lives; one way to combat it

Worrying news from the Land of the Free: The Congress is in the talks to pass a bill that would criminalise concealed ownership of cryptocurrencies.

For the Americans looking to get into crypto, the time to make their move is right now.

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Chadchain Block 2: The Lost Art of GYSHIDO

A Crypto Chad is productive being. He develops himself in a variety of ways – lifts weights, reads books, meditates on cardinal matters, makes good investment decisions etc. The hardest part on your journey to becoming one is getting started – getting shit done. In this piece we outline the best methods for turning your will into power. You have chosen to change, you probably have an inkling of an idea on what you should do, but don’t necessarily have the optimal pieces on how to start getting things done. This joint piece between Lad Lassy and Chad Satoshi gives you the the answer to “how do I get things done?”

Vast majority of the text is by the extremely productive and high-performing Lad Lassy, and every reference made in first person is his. He also has incredibly high testosterone levels and is on track to soon to order his first Lambo.

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