Chadchain Block 2: The Lost Art of GYSHIDO

A Crypto Chad is productive being. He develops himself in a variety of ways – lifts weights, reads books, meditates on cardinal matters, makes good investment decisions etc. The hardest part on your journey to becoming one is getting started – getting shit done. In this piece we outline the best methods for turning your will into power. You have chosen to change, you probably have an inkling of an idea on what you should do, but don’t necessarily have the optimal pieces on how to start getting things done. This joint piece between Lad Lassy and Chad Satoshi gives you the the answer to “how do I get things done?”

Vast majority of the text is by the extremely productive and high-performing Lad Lassy, and every reference made in first person is his. He also has incredibly high testosterone levels and is on track to soon to order his first Lambo.

All of us know at the very least this one guy who is really smart, gets through high school really easily with magnificent grades goes to the best college and then simply gets destroyed. The last time you saw your friend he was injecting marijuana straight into his eyeballs under the bridge. The classical bright student with bleak future. He got along by skating with his natural ability, but never bothered to learn how to utilise it to the fullest.

He used to manage with just being quick witted but when life demands for something more than wits he simply breaks into pieces. Because he was so talented, he never learned to work, never learned to manage his time and that was his greatest downfall.

Managing my calendar, while using the time that I’ve got as efficiently as possible is something I’m happy to say I do rather well. I have a part time job as a life coach for high performing university students, and have some experience with helping people at arranging their life so that they are able to get shit done. My reviews as a consultant have been far above the mean – so my tips, tricks and deep wisdom have been considered to be generally helpful. Not all of these will work for you, but do try to keep an open mind – this is really a strong set of tools to help you in practicing the Lost Art of GYSHIDO.

Before sitting down to write this article I did a little bit of research online, just to see what other people find important in becoming an industrious and efficient worker. My favourite thing was something called GYSHIDO, or the art of getting your shit done. In this text I will use the word GYSHIDO to replace the longer ‘Get your shit done’.                            

Simple as that

I. Motivation

In the beginning of every great action there is will. Will to get something done, will to wake up at ungodly hours and do exercise, study, work – generally things that few mind would consider to be fun. You need to be strong, in order to succeed at great endeavors. Many people have the ability to dream and try. Only few have the ability to dream and keep trying, especially when life gets in the way.

Think about what you want to accomplish and why? Do you want to learn the secrets of technical analysis, study astro physics or become a better dancer? Meditate on this and make it crystal clear in your mind. Write down the task you wish to complete along with reasons and benefits of completing the task. This will strengthen the memory of deciding to gyshido and you will also have a backup of your motivation to help you when things get sour.

In the long term motivation is defeated by determination every time. Motivation is good when things are sunny, discipline is when things get rough. It is possible to forge your motivation into determination, but what it requires is a strong will, a reason to do the nasty stuff instead of being a fucking degenerate, and most importantly strong routines.

I have no idea who this guy is, but the advice is solid.

You decided to embark on this journey for a reason – make sure you don’t forget it at the first sign of trouble.

II. Plan

When planning to get shit done, most of us need to change our day-to-day lives in order to make time for these new activities. The question is, from where do you get the time you need to gyshido? Almost everyone has enough time in their day, the problem is that the time is not well spent.

Is there something you are doing, that is not really helping you to get to your goal? Is there something that you do on a day-to-day -basis that is actually actively holding you back, making you feel ashamed or waste your valuable time? For me these used to be watching series and playing videogames – while not actually enjoying it one bit.

I’m sure we’ve all heard people say “I should have done this or that when I was younger” “Why didn’t I invest in Bitcoin, when it was less than a dollar?” Make time for your goals – and you will not be one of those guys. Nothing is over, nothing is decided. The future is ours, if we want it to be. So stop blaming your past self for inaction and get shit done now

III. Work smart – use your time efficiently

Any one of us is able to sit six hours a day at the library, studying for an exam. What most of us don’t realize is that six hours of studying by person A is not comparable to six hours of studying by person B.

To make the example clear, person A can be a slacker, who uses most of his time allocated to studying by browsing Instagram, while person B is a high performer who manages his time efficiently, takes regular breaks and generally doesn’t waste his time. Listed below are the six best ways I have found to boost my efficiency.

1. Build up a routine – from motivation to dedication

You should know who this magnificent beast of a man is

If it is possible for you, I strongly suggest that you build a routine out of your newfound interest to GYSHIDO. If you dream about building a boat, and decide to do it “When you have time”, you and I both know it will not happen, or if it will, it will take ages to get finished. The best time to start is now.

I personally like to start my day with the hardest things I’m going to do that day. There are several reasons for this. I’m a morning person, so for me the most productive working hours are the ones right after I wake up. If I postpone the nastiest tasks to the afternoon I will already be tired, and so I will not be able to fight them at my best. This is not working smart. I prefer to tackle the nastiest bastard first thing in the morning, and after that the rest of the day is easy peasy.

2. Take short breaks in order to be at your best

See how he reeks productivity? Probably using the techniques outlined here

Pomodoro is a way to divide your working time into shorter, highly focused, segments. I use the technique daily and would recommend it for anyone willing to make their working hours more efficient. Like many of the best techniques Pomodoro is really simple to implement. The idea is to work in 25 minute segments, followed by a short 5 minute break.

You combo four of these 25-5 -sets and after the fifth 25 minute focus period you take a longer pause of 15-30 minutes.

You can also use a bastardized version of Pomodoro with 50 minutes of intense focus followed by a 10 minute break. You can find more info about the pomodoro technique on Wikipedia: There are many different Pomodoro apps, but my favorite is Tide, which combines white noise with Pomodoro.

If you are sitting while doing your focus sets it is probably a good idea to stand up and do some slight stretching or exercise while on your short break. Standing up and moving around helps your body to handle the stress of long periods of sitting, activates circulation of your blood and thus boosts your metabolism a bit and generally makes the next set of intense focus a bit better. This is not a part of the traditional Pomodoro technique, but it is something I highly recommend. You can apply this to trading too, don’t sit still for too long or you’ll turn to stone.

3. Remember to sleep.

Who hasn’t pulled an all-nighter at least once in their life – before an important exam or potentially life changing presentation for example? Skipping sleep in order to work more can work in the short term, but in the long term this is very destructive. You need your sleep in order to learn, be at your best and for example grow your muscles. If you don’t have enough time to GYSHIDO, you cannot simply sleep less.

4. Isolate yourself from distractions

The most important part is to turn your phone on silent mode and logging out from any chat apps on your computer.

If you get distracted from your task every time one of your friends decides to share a dank meme or a cat pic with you (or after six months of Chad Chain, girls sending juicy snaps), you’ll never get anything done. There is a time for work and a time for socialisation. If you have decided to work, then work. Do not allow the slightest possibility to be distracted by anyone. In a very real sense, take control of the world in which you exist.

Another way to improve your focus is using so called white noise or music to help you isolate yourself from the world. In the state that we find the world in, many of the libraries and work spaces are quite loud, filled with vapid nonsense, hooting and blabbering. For me the best way to focus 100% on my task of writing or studying is tuning in to Spotify and listening to the smooth lines of Beethoven’s Symphony VII or the ambient soundscapes of Brian Enos masterpiece, Music for Airports.

For white noise you can use a web application here. Some people also find that cafe sounds help them focus. You can try it here.

5. Consider getting a study buddy or joining a work group

Some of us find it easy to be motivated and gyshido every day. If you are reading this, you are perhaps not one of them yet. But you have have decided that you want to be one of those guys that gets stuff done, is respected, has a massive stack of BTC’s and probably is quite liked by the ladies also. Reading this blog is then the right choice for you. And why wouldn’t you want to be one of them, if it is a matter of choice?

One way to get stuff done is to find a buddy to suffer with you through the long days of intense focus. My best study buddy experiences have been with a guy, with whom I studied for the entrance exams for medical school. We decided to meet up at a local library, six days a week at 8 am. When I had a rough morning and my motivation was low, I had to get up and clean up my act, or my buddy would be left alone – and vice versa.

Usually we chatted for a brief while when we first met and some more on our lunch break. For me, this was a perfect arrangement. His silent focus and presence helped me focus, when I had trouble. Best study buddies are those that are silent, and only their presence helps you GYSHIDO.

6. Track your progress – improve your work efficiency

Tracking one’s progress has two-found advantages. Firstly it helps to keep up the motivation – you know you are getting better and moving into the direction your will has previously decided. Secondly, you make sure, that the time you spent on tasks is well spent.

Time spent on a task is a bad way to measure your progress, because one hour of work is not equivalent for one hour of work. Each one of us has had days, where we get more done in two hours than on the rest of the six hours we spent browsing the web.

Depending on the task you have decided to accomplish the way to track it varies – there is no simple way to track every task. Here’s where you get to be a little creative. If your task is to become a strong alpha male you might want to track your weight lifting results, your body mass and the amount of protein and kilocalories you ingest daily. Then again if your task is to gain information on new interesting ICO’s you probably should track the number of white papers and the number of background checks on the core team you manage to do daily. If you manage both, you are a proper Crypto Chad.

The idea is very simple. Think how you can measure your success on your chosen path. Measure your accomplishments, write them down daily and if it looks like you could do better – do so.

After couple of weeks it is good to pool in your data of your accomplishments and try to see the bigger picture – what have you done, have you been able to stick with the plan and are you happy with your results. This works as a motivator or as badly needed criticism. IF you are not happy with your results, find out why and fix it. Then get back to work – rest and re-evaluate, rinse and repeat.

Track your progress by your efficiency and the amount you gyshido, not just the minutes used.

IV. Common pitfalls – how and why people fail

It is not easy to make profound changes in our lives – otherwise we would have no alcoholics or overweight people. In this chapter I briefly summarise the problems I have seen with people struggling to do better.

  •    Lack of motivation – doing things for someone else instead of yourself
  •    Unrealistic plans resulting in self loathing, for not being able to fulfill them
  •    Lack of routine, doing things “tomorrow”
  •    Deciding to do life changing activities after workdays, when you are too tired to start doing something demanding
  •    Not taking breaks, resulting in lack of focus in the later parts of the work day
  •    Getting easily distracted
  •    Not tracking your progress, resulting in piss-poor efficiency rate of hours spent

V: How Can I Succeed?

In the end getting shit done is not that hard. Get motivated, plan, work smart and avoid common pitfalls. Boom, you’re done.

Real life is a bit more complicated than that. Most of us want to change ourselves, learn new skills and ideas and generally simply improve. In my opinion one of the best questions to ask oneself is “Am I content with the way things are?” If you are, then good job, you’re done! If you are not content with the way things lie currently, what are you willing to do to change it.

The obvious answer should be “Anything.” If you are not happy with the way things are, why shouldn’t you start changing them? The upsides are limitless – after you succeed in a major life change your life is literally not going to be the same. If you fail for some reason, who the fuck cares? Get back up and start living your dreams. After all – if you are not going to make your life worth living, do you really think that someone will do it for you?

Dedication, bitches. Listen to the Lightbringer.



Author: Chad Satoshi

I am a crypto assets / currency writer and an independent researcher. I post on my blog portal about all things crypto, as well as personal well-being and development. What you will get by reading my blog is top crypto thoughts and, should you so choose, a new life as a crypto Chad.

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