About the site

Who is Chad Satoshi?

In a similar vein to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Chad Satoshi is no one and everyone. Everyone who uses bitcoin and presses onward with the crypto revolution is Satoshi Nakamoto. On a more individual level, everyone who presses on with their personal revolution in overcoming existence has the potential to become Chad Satoshi. We might as well try our utmost to get the best value out of our Dasein.

You cannot claim your destiny fully unless you can also claim your economic freedom and sovereignty. This blog is a platform to explore and conjoin the two different worlds of traditionalist, non-liberal viewpoint within (perhaps without?) modernity and crypto assets. The link between the two worlds is not as far fetched as it may at first glance seem. Related to these topics there will be featured posts from other writers, too.  This platform will also serve as my personal shouting box, and a workbench for certain unfinished thoughts.

Naturally we cannot go without preaching the joys of being a Crypto Chad, which you, dear reader, will in turn also become, should you heed our advice. Some of the posts will be devoted to self-development, in mind, spirit, and body. I will post about things that have improved the quality of my life. This will in turn also force me to revisit those aspects of my life, and perhaps re-evaluate them.

As for the identity of the main webmaster of this site, Mr Chad Satoshi himself – that is one secret we’ll never reveal.



Everything on this site is for educational purposes only, nothing should be construed as investment advice. Stay responsible and keep your head cool.

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