What is SP8DE (SPX)?

Ever gambled online against the house and wondered just a bit if the chances weren’t rigged against you? Didn’t roll that hard six when you needed it the most? Team of Russians has come up with a way for you to stop worrying whether or not you lose your money in an unfair manner. Now you can start losing your mon… I mean gambling in a provably “fair” way and without house edge.

In this post I will discuss the fundamentals of the token, and give my unsolicited opinion on whether or not you, valued reader, should take part in the ongoing ICO.

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All bull runs must end, and all men must die

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So here we are, at -50%. Bitcoin is dead. Cut your losses, sell everything, and get back to 9-5. Get slightly depressed. Also, stop exercising.

Just kidding. In this article I take a look at historical crashes, subsequent recoveries, and give heart to people experiencing their first correction. Let Chad sooth you down.

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What is Modum (MOD)?

This post deals with the brand new token called Modum, which seeks to integrate blockchain with the internet of things. Modum targets pharmaceutical industry, where the measuring of temperature, humidity, movement and such are of utmost importance.

I explain the fundamentals of the coin and give my opinion on it.

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