What is SP8DE (SPX)?

Ever gambled online against the house and wondered just a bit if the chances weren’t rigged against you? Didn’t roll that hard six when you needed it the most? Team of Russians has come up with a way for you to stop worrying whether or not you lose your money in an unfair manner. Now you can start losing your mon… I mean gambling in a provably “fair” way and without house edge.

In this post I will discuss the fundamentals of the token, and give my unsolicited opinion on whether or not you, valued reader, should take part in the ongoing ICO.

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Should you buy during or immediately after an ICO?

Following yesterday’s post on Privatix, a question quickly arose: “Where is the price headed and should I buy now during the ICO or immediately after?” The question is premised on the observation that the coin prices seem to drop drastically right after it gets listed on the exchange(s).

Let us now look at some prolific ICO’s and observe the price patterns shortly after listing. There is no scientific method utilized, I pick the ones based on what I feel like picking – Chadnalysis. There are hundreds of ICO’s that did not do well at all and are now more or less dead. The ones that discussed here are thus subject to survivor’s bias.

You can visit https://icostats.com/roi-since-ico and sort ROI since ICO in descending order. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

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What is Privatix (PRIX)?

As Privatix has its ICO ongoing, I though that it would be a good subject for this blog’s inaugural post.

Privatix seeks to redistribute unused bandwidth through peer-to-peer VPN network on blockchain. Quite a trippy formulation. The white paper is a 65 page monster, which in crypto world instantly qualifies the product as solid, 10/10, and worth investing. Cryptoboyz are too busy making money, no time to read.

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