All bull runs must end, and all men must die

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So here we are, at -50%. Bitcoin is dead. Cut your losses, sell everything, and get back to 9-5. Get slightly depressed. Also, stop exercising.

Just kidding. In this article I take a look at historical crashes, subsequent recoveries, and give heart to people experiencing their first correction. Let Chad sooth you down.

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First year in recap + Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for everyone! This post deals with some statistics of the portal and a recap of trade suggestions and calls, hits and misses.

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Even more government intrusion into our lives; one way to combat it

Worrying news from the Land of the Free: The Congress is in the talks to pass a bill that would criminalise concealed ownership of cryptocurrencies.

For the Americans looking to get into crypto, the time to make their move is right now.

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Quick update on the future plans for the portal


You might notice a change in the layout of the site.

I have begun a series intended for crypto beginners. You can find the first post in the main menu under “guides”. Post series focusing with technical analysis will be posted beginning in the spring of 2018.

Here’s the post:

If you have friends who are interested in getting into the crypto game, don’t hesitate to share. I tried to keep the tone in that post a bit more serious than usually.

I am also very excited to announce that this weekend, or early next week, we will post the first part of our Chad development program. That is the start of the other half of this web site’s idea.